1. A fish and chip supper on the beach in St Ives with the husband

  2. Prosecco and roses from Liz!

  3. Today I made (messy) whoopie pies.

  4. Today went swimmingly!

  5. Even though it’s not nearly as hot here as in other parts of the country, Rosie T. Cat still needed to find a shady spot.

  6. I’m obviously not the only one who likes the Honey Pot!

  7. A literary quiz at The Acorn (part of the Penzance Litfest).We came fifth out of 16 teams, but should have done better!

  8. A lovely (but too brief) lunch with Venetia at the Honey Pot!

  9. Amber (and green) waves of grain in St Erth.

  10. My friends Donna and John are moving. :( ¬†They’ve been living in the cottage opposite us for the past six months while their house is being rebuilt. I’ll miss them!