1. Furniture maker extraordinaire, Tim Charlesworth, showing me how to assemble my beeeyoootiful custom-made flat-pack garden table. Eat your heart out, IKEA.

  2. Please Miss, may we have the meeting outdoors? (Stuck inside all day at WI County House while the sun shone.)

  3. Anita’s new cat, Thomas, joins in Book Group, perching happily on Donna’s lap.

  4. Oh, look. They’re building more ‘luxury homes’ in St Ives. (eye roll)

  5. While everyone else was gardening or going for walks, we were eating (and then sleeping). Behold the delicious panettone-marmalade bread and butter pudding from Scarlet Wines.

  6. A beautiful afternoon spent eating pasties and ice cream on St Ives harbour with husband and sister-in-law (visiting from Spain for a few days).

  7. Today I went on a fantastic walk around old Newlyn with Andrew from the Newlyn Archive. I saw bits of the town I didn’t even know existed! This part I did know - Newlyn Fish Market - but I liked the photo.

  8. New camera. At LAST. Fed up with rubbish photos!

  9. The latest scheme.

  10. Just down the road from the house. Mobile phone camera doesn’t do it justice! Not to worry, though. I’ve bought myself a lovely new camera and should have it this time next week!