1. Warming up for a committee meeting.

  2. Just a word of advice. If your cat is incontinent, I’d suggest moving somewhere it never rains so he/she can be outdoors. Aside from a few hours this afternoon, the past couple of days haven’t been much fun.

  3. Trying to make sense of it all.

  4. I dragged the husband to Lanhydrock House¬†today. Here’s a view of the front garden bit.¬†

  5. A successful brambling session this morning.

  6. Something’s going on (or has gone on) at Tremenheere.

  7. Amazing view from Julia’s house … just before the rains came.

  8. Picking crab apples at Sue’s.

  9. Scrummy veg kebabs at tonight’s WI barbecue

  10. The Mount from Long Rock.