1. Cake and a cuppa with my lovely sister-in-law (visiting from Spain).

  2. Homemade limoncello! 

  3. A little (very little) bit of knitting. Inspired by last night to try my hand at a Cumbrian knitted blanket - ridged triangles with holes along the edge. When you join them up and pull, they turn into sort of shell shapes. It’s an old English pattern and very easy!

  4. Our very entertaining WI speaker tonight was a woman who knitted this for her birder/photographer husband.

  5. Drying off in the sun, post-bath.

  6. I’ve been doing some watering for our neighbours while they’re on holiday. This is their garden - far too tidy and linear for my messy brain to appreciate. I like a bit more jungle. However, as our garden is the complete opposite end of the spectrum from theirs, I sometimes wonder how appalled they must be by us!

  7. A lovely view for coffee this morning at Mount Haven Hotel in Marazion.

  8. The very stylish Zennor Building (on the right) at Penwith College where our West Cornwall Decorative & Fine Arts Society lectures are held

  9. A speckled wood (I think) butterfly stuck in the utility room. Excuse the filthy windows.

  10. View from Val’s house in Sennen, scene of this morning’s WI committee meeting. Not bad.