1. ¬†At long last, the inaugural meeting of our nonfiction book club.. We read ‘The Surgeon of Crowthorne: A Tale of Murder, Madness and the Oxford English Dictionary’

  2. Buying a new watering can. Living the dream.

  3. One of our tomatoes is growing a … a Thing.

  4. How could I have forgotten I own this?!? It got a lot of use today.

  5. Appropriate reading for today.

  6. A fish and chip supper on the beach in St Ives with the husband

  7. Prosecco and roses from Liz!

  8. Today I made (messy) whoopie pies.

  9. Today went swimmingly!

  10. Even though it’s not nearly as hot here as in other parts of the country, Rosie T. Cat still needed to find a shady spot.